We've worked in the construction and engineering industry for more than fifteen years, promoting development projects, engineering products and supply firms. We've also marketed cabinets, custom-lifting devices, shower enclosures — even rebar. Take a look at a few samples:

Tell 'em who you are
Pictured at left is one of our most successful identity programs. It delivered a simple, direct logo and is used throughout the company—on stationary, truck signs, advertising, and product labels. And it's doing the job, delivering solid recognition in all target markets.

Profits in the Drain

You've got the entire system, so show off the product. We suggested simple black and white illustrations, which helped our customer sell more trench drain and expand into ground control fabric and sheet drain products.

Lighten a heavy load
When a new product is lighter, safer and easier to use—you need to get the word out. And that's what we did. Today our customer is the West's largest Slingmax fabricator.

Photo gets us fired.
This single shot cost us a good customer. It generated a 50% increase in dealers and helped garner two product-of-the year-awards. The direct mail—which we developed—has proven consistently successful for four years. Consequently, they don't need us anymore. ( . . . we're still good friends, of course.)

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