Commercial printers face unique challenges. The market is saturated with production capability just as many print products shift to new media—phone books to CDs or catalogs to the Web. And new competitors, new services and rapidly changing customer expectations drive an equally radical shift in the market.

We can help you succeed in this environment because we bring two qualities to printing you rarely find in combination: insight and attitude.

INSIGHT: The key to sound strategy

At Muller and Smith, we've seen printing from every angle—as customers, consultants, brokers, line sales staff and shop management. We've worked with large, national firms and some of the most innovative, aggressive regional entrepreneurs. With insight gained from such experience, we can quickly access your markets, develop strategy tailored to your best opportunities and deliver a practical sales and marketing program that fits your organization.

ATTITUDE: Stick to the goal

We know many printers face a cost-conscious market. Customers are hesitant to recognize superior value and even more reluctant to pay for it. We know it's our job to change that.

At Muller & Smith we've developed research and planning methodology that demands answers and provides practical steps for sales and marketing. And because we understand customers, markets and technology, we know how to uncover the extra value you deliver, present it to the customer and ensure a profitable exchange.


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