Competition is intense. Your niche is shrinking and the home office is starting to sweat.

It's time for a radical change—re-launch the book, retrain the sales crew, rework editorial. You must deliver a completely new message with power and conviction. Then back it up with sales kits, direct mail, advertising and powerful efforts at trade shows. And you need custom market share reports, reader surveys and advertiser testimonials.

One more thing—do it all at now, if not before.

Just such a challenge launched the Muller & Smith collaboration. We put the message out, ran the research and delivered results. Sales rose 114% while market share rose 53%.

Years ago, our principals helped launch publications in the legal trade and reposition a popular PC journal. More recently, we've helped write launch proposals, re-positioned established trade journals and helped redirect sales. Among our publishing clients are: California Lawyer, InfoWorld, Mother Jones, Diablo, San Francisco Focus, PC Magazine, Wine Spectator and Time-Warner special projects.

If your marketing needs more than a slick folder for the audit statement, email us right now at